Pay like a local in Brazil


No more trips to the ATM, with their high fees and bad exchange rates.


Leave your wallet at the hotel and don't worry about card acceptance.

Pay with Pix

Pay anyone, anywhere, with the most popular payment method available.


What is Emigro?

Emigro is a mobile digital wallet for use during international travel to instantly pay any person or business.The wallet is self-custody and holds digital currencies.

How do I use it?

With the wallet installed on your cell phone you can pre-load it directly from your bank account. To make a payment, scan a payment bar code from the vendor's point-of-sale terminal or cell phone, or use a payment code such as a Pix key.

Who can use it?

The wallets can be deposited to, transferred between, and withdrawn from within all of the supported countries shown below by individuals and businesses. Instant retail payments can be made in Brazil at this time.

Who are the target customers?

Emigro is meant for all types of travelers and - short and long-term tourists, digital nomads, expats, international students and workers, and immigrants.

What are the use cases?

The primary use is retail payments, but it can also be used for remittances, paying remote workers, paying for overseas services and much more.

What are the costs?

There is a small fee to deposit to the wallet and a small fee to withdraw from the wallet or point-of-sale terminal. Transfers or payments between accounts are free. Competitive exchange rates are used and will be shown at the time of transfer.

What does this replace?

Emigro is meant to be used for payments instead of cash or credit cards. For remittances and other transfers between countries it can replace Wise, Remitly, PayPal, and many others.

What fiat currencies are supported?

Currently: ARS, BRL, EUR, PEN


(fiat-pegged and fully-backed digital currency versions) 

How does it work?

Blockchain technology is used to instantly and transparently transfer value to anywhere in the world. Fiat currency is deposited in the wallet via the sender's bank account. The currency is exchanged for digital currency. The opposite happens with the receiver, with the currency they want to receive. The exchange of different currencies happens during the transfer.

Is Emigro a bank?

Emigro is not a bank, it is a self-custody mobile wallet for digital currencies. Emigro does not offer bank accounts, however, several digital currencies that represent fiat currencies can be held in the wallet. Self-custody means that you maintain control of your funds directly on your device.

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